I did a post on ComFree back in the spring, and figured it would be a good time to do an update on them after the eventful summer real estate experienced. Compare how they fared to the conventional resale market. So, without further ado… The prices look to have trended up, asContinue Reading

Spent most of yesterday sorting through my database full of info… updating, upgrading and quite a bit of deleting. Long over due as it was a colossal mess, and I needed a refresher over what I had. It was good and got a ton of ideas about things I couldContinue Reading

Hope everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekends, and filled up with turkey and complex carbohydrates. In the comments section of last weeks post on consumer debt someone referenced these stats on bankruptcies/insolvencies in Canada. I managed to find their historical bankruptcy numbers, but not the proposal and total insolvency stats (insolvencies = bankruptcies +Continue Reading

I got my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and I got my Black Jack gum here, and I got that feeling… mmm that familiar feeling that something rank is going down up there. Yeah, I can smell it. I can almost taste it. Summer is gone and it’s fucking snowing again!Continue Reading

A few months back I touched on price ranges/sales mix, and as the last quarterly number just came out I figured it would be a good time to revisit the subject and see what is selling and how it’s changing. Like the last time around, this measure is of theContinue Reading

The September numbers were released today, and after a cooling in August sales held in September. Up slightly from month-over-month and down slightly year-over-year. So, interest rates are continuing to spur spending, which is fine as long as the status quo remains. On the price front, averages were up aContinue Reading

So, long time no see. Work has just been crazy the last while, and really I should be doing more now but my brain is fried, so figured why waste my time and the clients money when I could do some blogging! There was quite a bit of news onContinue Reading

Had a little window to do a post today, so figured I’d take a quick look at the commercial real estate stats for Edmonton. I have had a passing interest in just seeing how they’ve shaped up over the years, and how they look now. So, without further ado, hereContinue Reading