Greetings all, hope you’re all ready for the weekend. My apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a crazy week, but I’m sure you don’t care… so, I’m gonna try to fire of a quick write-up before I head off to the football game (here’s hoping it’s not asContinue Reading

The August numbers were released this morning, and the market looks like it’s cooling after a blistering late spring/early summer on the sales front. Inventory was down slightly, but because of the large drop in sales the absorption rate has climbed back up into ‘buyers market’ territory. Average prices wereContinue Reading

After this weeks announcement about the revised budget from the province, I thought it would be interesting take a look at historical revenues, particularly those coming from oil and gas. So, today’s entry is more of a general interest post and not concerning the housing market (at least not directlyContinue Reading

There’s been a fair amount of news coming this week, none of which appears particularly helpful for the housing market. EI numbers for June came our yesterday, they’re way up. The June Teranet HPI also came out, and they say even with the huge sales tally in Calgary, prices were still down month-over-month. AndContinue Reading

So, another week goes by, another apparent bull market rally turns out to be little more then a trap… but at least the Eskimos won last night! Anywho, so I guess the big news this week for Edmonton real estate was that the decline in the new housing price index… downContinue Reading

So, in an e-mail I was asked why I haven’t referenced the bond market in awhile since they’re so important to interest rates. Well, the reason is simple, because I haven’t felt they’ve moved enough to warrant a change in interest rates, so their fluctuations are not really of muchContinue Reading

Another big month in July sales wise, setting a record even. Amazing what record low interest rates can do even in a recession. Prices were more mixed, as we’ve seemed to have turned the corner into the summer and the traditional cooling of the market. Obviously sales were strong forContinue Reading

Excellent question. The long of the short of it is the EREB hasn’t posted it yet, so it’s not available. They usually take two business days into the new month, so it’s not really late, it just seems so, and with the long weekend I’d expect it tomorrow. So, onceContinue Reading