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Precious Metals

With the recent rally in gold, we’ve been hearing a lot about precious metals. Actually ever

ComFree update

I did a post on ComFree back in the spring, and figured it would be a good time

Interest rates and defaults

Continuing our consumer debt series, and today we’ll take a look at how interest rates play

Anatomy of a foreclosure

Spent most of yesterday sorting through my database full of info… updating, upgrading and quite a


Hope everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekends, and filled up with turkey and complex carbohydrates. In

Consumer debt

I got my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and I got my Black Jack gum here, and

Price ranges revisited

A few months back I touched on price ranges/sales mix, and as the last quarterly number

September numbers are in….

The September numbers were released today, and after a cooling in August sales held in September.

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