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Ideas For A One-Bathroom Bungalow Family Home

Do you have a family of four or more and live in a one-bathroom bungalow? Or

How To Select The Best Location For Home Construction

Selecting the right location for your own home is one of the most important decisions to

Tips To Getting Approved For A Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is something most people dream about. The act of buying your own home

5 Money-Saving Tips for Before Buying a Home

We’ve all heard the old saying before buying a home, “If it sounds too good to

Precious Metals

With the recent rally in gold, we’ve been hearing a lot about precious metals. Actually ever

ComFree update

I did a post on ComFree back in the spring, and figured it would be a good time

Interest rates and defaults

Continuing our consumer debt series, and today we’ll take a look at how interest rates play

Anatomy of a foreclosure

Spent most of yesterday sorting through my database full of info… updating, upgrading and quite a

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