So, long time no see. Work has just been crazy the last while, and really I should be doing more now but my brain is fried, so figured why waste my time and the clients money when I could do some blogging! There was quite a bit of news onContinue Reading

Figured I’d point out some of the stories making the rounds. – The February employment numbers are out, and they are dismal. 23,700 jobs lost just in Alberta, leaving unemployment at it’s highest rate is almost six years. 82,600 lost across the country. The federal and provincial governments seem almost in denialContinue Reading

Some days the mind wanders… you ponder such things as, if the Canwest media outlets pumped their own stock as much as they did real estate maybe their shares wouldn’t be trading at three for a dollar four for a dollar. Okay, that was a low blow… but from the looks ofContinue Reading

The CMHC pumped out their latest forecast this past week. Cutting through the b.s. and bravado, here’s the pertinent Edmonton prognostications, tabular form for your viewing pleasure. 2008 2009 Projected 2010 Actual Forecast +/- % Forecast——————————————————Price $332,852 $315,000 -5.4% $325,000——————————————————Sales 17,369 16,000 -7.9% 17,000——————————————————Vacancy 2.4% 3.5% +0.9%——————————————————Avg Rent $1,034 $1,070 +3.5%—————————————————— AContinue Reading

Don’t really feel like running numbers today, and there were a lot of housing relevant stories coming out this week, so we’ll look at those. Mike Fotiou wrote up an interesting piece on the CREA forecast for 2009, and their past fortunetelling exploits. Their predictions for Alberta are not going to make sellers anyContinue Reading