Hope everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekends, and filled up with turkey and complex carbohydrates. In the comments section of last weeks post on consumer debt someone referenced these stats on bankruptcies/insolvencies in Canada. I managed to find their historical bankruptcy numbers, but not the proposal and total insolvency stats (insolvencies = bankruptcies +Continue Reading

I got my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and I got my Black Jack gum here, and I got that feeling… mmm that familiar feeling that something rank is going down up there. Yeah, I can smell it. I can almost taste it. Summer is gone and it’s fucking snowing again!Continue Reading

Of late we seem to be hearing increasingly from people predicting runaway inflation… sometimes almost cheerleading for it. For those who bought at the height of the bubble, this may seem on the surface to be an attractive viewpoint as it could quickly erase the downturn in prices. I’m notContinue Reading

I don’t want those that read this blog to think I’m against buying real estate… I’m all for it, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to buy now. If I had not been looking to buy last summer, I would have never dived into the numbers and ultimately startedContinue Reading

So tomorrow is Friday the 13th… and if that doesn’t scare you, just wait until the Feds announce the latest employment numbers tomorrow. Very ouch, I’m sure. Today I’m going to take a quick look at an angle of the real estate industry that doesn’t often get much attention fromContinue Reading