Garden Design Tips – Working With Bricks

Garden Design Tips - Working With Bricks

When it comes to landscaping your garden and making it a more enjoyable place to spend time, there are many ideas that have not yet been explored because everyone tends to copy the next door neighbour or the guy across the road. Your garden should be a reflection of your personality and so you should be trying to think outside the box to come up with a garden design that is truly unique. You can look through many gardening magazines and check out the many online sites, but a lot of them tend to follow the same rules and so it’s likely that you’re not going to get any new ideas from them.

If you have been recently doing some renovations or building around your current property, then it’s likely that there are some bricks left over that you bought from your brick merchant in Colchester, and so it would be a shame not to use these to add some new ideas to your garden. The thing to remember about bricks is that they not only look fantastic but they are incredibly durable as well. We don’t often get the best of weather, and so we need something that can stand up to the extreme weather that we experience throughout the year. Bricks provide us with an outdoor living space that can contribute some much needed style to our property. The following are just some great ideas on how you can feature bricks in your overall garden design.

Some Garden Stairs

If your garden slopes slightly then it might be a safer and more attractive option to put in some garden stairs to give you something firmer to walk on as you negotiate your way around your garden. Putting some plants and shrubs either side of the stairs can really make your garden stand out from the rest.

Incorporate Some Brick Edging

For those of us who use what is commonly referred to as weed whackers, we are constantly cutting the flowers and shrubs, and so putting some brick edging will stop that from happening. It is very easy to lay them on the ground, and they also provide stability as well.

As A Retaining Wall

It is very easy to stack these bricks on top of each other and then to line the wall with some soil that will help to level off the garden. This will help with rain erosion that keeps washing away your garden.

Create A Pathway

If you are constantly walking across your lawn, then it’s likely that you are wearing the grass away and it looks quite unsightly. Creating pathways around your garden using bricks is an excellent way to protect your garden and it looks amazing as well. 

These are just four ideas on how you can use those left-over bricks in your garden and there are many more. If you have any lawn chairs or maybe a bench in your garden, then putting some bricks underneath to create a small patio area can stop your garden furniture from sinking into the wet grass.

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