Ideas For A One-Bathroom Bungalow Family Home

Do you have a family of four or more and live in a one-bathroom bungalow? Or are you planning to move into a one-bathroom bungalow with your growing family?

It’s not easy, but some things can help make your one-bathroom bungalow work for your growing family. Keep reading for tips on how to keep the peace when living in such a limited space!

Install On Nook And Crannies

Making use of every nook and cranny is a great way to maximise space in a small bathroom. Wooden shelves are ideal for storage and display when built into an alcove or nook, they can also be used to hide unsightly pipes, cables, and wires from sight. They create storage space for smaller items such as toothbrushes, toilet paper, or other common small necessities.

Upgrade Your Old Toilet

New toilets also come with a high-performance flush system, so they clean themselves after each use. There is no need to scrub down anything – just push the handle! Plus, new models have improved odor control technology that helps keep bad smells at bay.

Keep Your Toiletries Hidden Away

If you don’t have enough room under your sink for shelving units, consider installing an over-the-door shoe organiser on one of the doors by hanging it from hooks drilled into doorjambs at about waist height, so all needed products are within easy reach but out of sight when not being used. This option will free up valuable floor space inside the cabinet underneath your sink and make everything easier to locate. For more modern or elegant minimalist storage ideas, you can head over to the Surrey bathroom store or to a store near you.

Install A Large Vanity For Storage And Counter Space

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A single-bathroom home may feel cramped. With an attractive vanity that includes lots of drawers, you can keep many necessities such as toiletries out of sight while freeing up more space. Wall lighting fixtures mounted over the vanity mirror provide ambient light and give the room a finished look.

Bar Behind The Door

You’ll also be able to store towels or washcloths behind the door, which is ideal when these items need to dry without taking up valuable room inside the cabinet below your sink.

Install Smart-Shelving

Wall-mounted shelving can be a smart way to store towels and other items often used in the bathroom. This type of shelving can also help you save space if your home doesn’t have much storage available on the walls, which is common with smaller homes.

In addition to their practical use as towel racks or holders for toiletries, wall-mounted shelves allow homeowners to display decor pieces such as framed family photos without taking up countertop real estate.

The key to living in a one-bathroom bungalow is making compromises. It’s not easy, but you can make it work by following these tips!

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