The 9 Stages Of Constructing A New Bathroom

The 9 Stages Of Constructing A New Bathroom

You and your partner love your home, where you have lived for the past twenty years and are settled close to retirement. However, parts of your home are now starting to show their age and you want comfort. The paint is peeling in the living room, the carpet is worn in the hallway, and the kitchen could use an update. You’ve been thinking about making some changes, but you’re not sure where to start.

Ideally, you would like to make your home more comfortable without spending a lot of money. One option is to focus on an area of the house one at a time. Repainting the living room yourself could be a good start, but if the current state of your bathroom is screaming for upgrade, it is best to focus on it.

You’ve both worked hard enough over the years. You have chatted after driving past a bath showroom in Twickenham that caught your attention. Functionality, style, and comfort are at the top of your list as you start to think about your modernisation, with a plan in place, so the works are done correctly. The bathroom is an important feature in your daily lives, and you want to get it right without wasting money on later alterations and repairs.

Here is a list of recommended golden rules for carrying out the renovation.

Tools Not Toys

Make sure that you get the correct tools to carry out the job. There are a multiple number of appliances that you require if you are going to get it spot on. Don’t waste money on later corrections.

Removal Time

Remove the previous fixtures and fittings, but before doing so, ensure that you turn off the water at the mains. Baths, toilets, showers, and sinks should be gutted first, followed by cabinets and flooring. Always wear safety equipment protection from dirt, dust and sharp edges.

Look Out For Damp

If you find any damp or damage to the floor, look at repairing or replacing it right away. You may want to ask a professional to drop by to check for more disturbing damages.

Time To Start Fitting

Your plans for design will have considered space, affordability, and functionality when deciding whether to select a bath, walk in shower, combination, or both. Baths are a good investment for eventual resale value if you have the room, and would provide a nicer way to relax in evenings with new luxurious surroundings. Perhaps a trip to an exhibition may offer you previously unthought of ideas?


It’s time to lay the new flooring, with a non-slip surface a great option for safety, especially as we get on in life and mobility is not quite what it once was.


Will you be going for painted walls or tiling? Whichever the option, consider the styles which will add aesthetically and offer functionality when it comes to cleaning.


Mirrors along with cabinets can now be added as the bathroom starts to look close to completion.


Maybe you have decided upon new lighting, maybe a combination of bright and subdued for appropriate functions and moods. This is the time when it should be attended to.


Many consider fitting your new toilet to be the final piece in the jigsaw.

Before work begins on your newly remodelled bathroom, always consider size, functionality, and affordability. Then, let skilled professionals carry out the works in planned stages. Alternatively, buy your new fixtures and fittings from the bathroom showroom and ask the experts to guide you to a skilled team to come and carry out the renovation.

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