The Crazy Benefits Of Living On A Golf Course Property

The Crazy Benefits Of Living On A Golf Course Property

You have worked hard for a couple of decades and are now in a position to invest in a second home, and being a golf addict demands that your holiday home is near a golf course. We are happy to announce that you can go one better than a luxury apartment near a golf course – there are luxury apartment units actually located in the grounds of a leading golf and country club.

The Ultimate Lifestyle

Imagine looking out from your terrace and seeing the 10th green in the distance! When a golf course is designed, there is always a huge amount of land that could be developed at a later date. As an example, check out the luxury golf apartments for sale in La Cala de Mijas, where you can play all year round. Of course, every golf club is unique and facilities and amenities will differ from club to club, but one thing is for sure, you won’t have far to go to the 1st Tee.


Of course, the number one perk would be lifetime membership, which would only be given to apartment owners, which in itself is worth a lot of money. You should have secure parking with 24/7 manned security that monitors the entire development and possible free access to the clubhouse facilities. When looking at golf apartment complexes, do check what owners are entitled to and whether they receive discounts, which would vary from place to place. It they have a sauna and weight training gym, you should be able to use that facility on a daily basis, as with the swimming pool and maybe even a snooker hall.

Management Team

There would be a management company handling the golf course, the club and all the amenities, including the luxury apartment complex where you are living. Talk to other apartment owners who have lived there for a while already and find out what they think about the overall management of the development and the golf course. Prime golf real estate La Cala de Mijas is offered by a leading real estate agent.

Gated Community

Security is not an issue when you live in a gated community, which happens to be on the grounds of a top-rated golf club. If you would like to view such developments, search online for a leading real estate agent that covers southern Spain and create a shortlist of golf course apartments to view when you take your next holiday.

Legal Aspects

You should hire an English-speaking lawyer to take a look at the contract of sale to make sure that everything is legal and above board. If you have no idea how to source a lawyer is Spain, the real estate agent would have a working association with a top law firm that handles the legal side.

When you find a location that excites you, book a short holiday and go check it out. You can play a few rounds of golf while you are there and experience the show apartments; if you are happy, become an owner and think about relocating as soon as you can.

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