Over the last month there has been a great many stories appearing about the effects of shoddy construction practises here in Alberta… particularly concerning stucco exteriors with faulty membranes. A quick googling turns up this and much more: No bailouts over faulty condos: gov’t Faulty new homes not widespread, buildersContinue Reading

So, the nominations are in and the selections made. Added a couple more to represent all the new building in Terwillegar as well as to represent the university area, so we’ll be tracking 12 complexes. Since we can focus on buildings/complexes with condos it should be far easier to trackContinue Reading

Sorry for no mid-week post, it’s been a busy one… sure sucks when they want a guy to do some actual work during office hours! Thanks for all your submissions, I’ve been wading through all the comments and e-mails and this is what we have so far (if I missedContinue Reading

Doing something of an interactive project today… we’re going to start tracking asking prices. If you’ve been following some properties you’ve probably noticed that even with prices largely holding this year, asking prices still seem to be dropping. So we’re going do a bit of an unscientific sample of ourContinue Reading