Spent most of yesterday sorting through my database full of info… updating, upgrading and quite a bit of deleting. Long over due as it was a colossal mess, and I needed a refresher over what I had. It was good and got a ton of ideas about things I couldContinue Reading

Hope everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekends, and filled up with turkey and complex carbohydrates. In the comments section of last weeks post on consumer debt someone referenced these stats on bankruptcies/insolvencies in Canada. I managed to find their historical bankruptcy numbers, but not the proposal and total insolvency stats (insolvencies = bankruptcies +Continue Reading

Had a little window to do a post today, so figured I’d take a quick look at the commercial real estate stats for Edmonton. I have had a passing interest in just seeing how they’ve shaped up over the years, and how they look now. So, without further ado, hereContinue Reading

Greetings all, hope you’re all ready for the weekend. My apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a crazy week, but I’m sure you don’t care… so, I’m gonna try to fire of a quick write-up before I head off to the football game (here’s hoping it’s not asContinue Reading

After this weeks announcement about the revised budget from the province, I thought it would be interesting take a look at historical revenues, particularly those coming from oil and gas. So, today’s entry is more of a general interest post and not concerning the housing market (at least not directlyContinue Reading

There’s been a fair amount of news coming this week, none of which appears particularly helpful for the housing market. EI numbers for June came our yesterday, they’re way up. The June Teranet HPI also came out, and they say even with the huge sales tally in Calgary, prices were still down month-over-month. AndContinue Reading

I’m sure literally none of you have wondered to yourselves, “how does one become a contrarian blogger?” Well, it’s not a terribly interesting story, and doesn’t pay nearly as well as telling people what they want to hear, actually, it doesn’t pay period… but as my experience in the lastContinue Reading

Got an interesting comment about how the local board boasts about how few “foreclosures” there are on the market, completely ignoring all the “bank owned” properties, that are also foreclosures… but apparently in the world of marketing and keywords, a rose by any other name is not a rose, atContinue Reading

So I have been asked to do a post on the employment numbers a few times in the past, and again recently… and as the latest (June) figures were released today, I figured what the hell, why not do something topical?! Not really sure how much or what kind of narrative willContinue Reading