Odds and Ends

I was thinking about doing a report on the new construction situation, but figured I might as well wait a week until the December numbers are reported. So instead I’ll just cover a few other items that are floating around.

– The Teranet-National Bank House Price Index which I looked at last week has updated their data with the November numbers. Here is a look at an updated chart.

The drop seems to be becoming more apparent. Here is a quick look at how the cities measured up compared to a month earlier and a year earlier.

Calgary = -0.9% since Oct, -7.7% since Nov ’07
Halifax = +1.3% since Oct, +5.8% since Nov ’07
Montreal = -0.3% since Oct, +5.1% since Nov ’07
Ottawa = -1.3% since Oct, +4.2% since Nov ’07
Toronto = -1.6% since Oct, +0.7% since Nov ’07
Vancouver = -1.3% since Oct, +1.0% since Nov ’07
Composite = -1.1% since Oct, +0.6% since Nov ’07

– A couple weeks ago I did a post on foreclosures. Just as a quick update on that tally, there are now fifteen more homes listed as foreclosures, 39 houses and 25 condos for a grand total of 64.

Speaking of foreclosures, Mike Fotiou wrote has started to write a series of articles about the ins and outs of buying foreclosed properties. Definitely worth a read.

– And as I’m sure you’ve heard, the Federal budget was handed down yesterday, you can take a look at it for yourself via this link

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