After another night burning the midnight oil, I decided that today I was going to take today off… my first day off in over a month. Yes, I know, you don’t care, but this is my sandbox, so that just sucks for you now don’t it! But before I’m offContinue Reading

This will probably come off like a puff piece, but it’s been a beautiful weekend, I don’t really feel like doing actual research, I need one more post to hit my self imposed monthly quota of ten and I just took a stroll through mine yesterday and feel like waxingContinue Reading

The Canadian Bankers Association released their latest mortgage arrears stats today, these are for March. As we can see, they’re continuing their meteoric rise, and have now passed the 0.50% threshold. 2,416 Albertans now find themselves three or more months behind on their mortgages (typically at the point foreclosure proceedings begin, thoughContinue Reading

It’s been a tough week for the province… first we find out that the provincial government thinks our beaches and children are too damn ugly to use in advertising, so they have to co-opt some from England. Okay, and yeah, that foam finger is actually one for the Oakland A’s,Continue Reading

Over the last while I’ve been reading through the archives of the Edmonton Real Estate Blog, just to get a feel for the zeitgeist of boom here in Edmonton. Hindsight being 20/20, it’s quite interesting to read through it. I’ve currently read up to early 2007, so as a reader todayContinue Reading

Earlier this week I did an entry on the relationship between oil prices and housing prices in Edmonton, and there were some interesting findings which led to new hypothesis’. There was also some good ideas that came up in the resulting discussion. So tonight I’m going to take a bit of aContinue Reading

Calgary and Edmonton, two cities of similar sizes, linked together by geography, politics, and a healthy dislike of each other. In many ways it’s inevitable they’d be compared. One’s a little bit more country, the other a little bit more rock ‘n’ roll… one’s a little more white collar, theContinue Reading

As you may have came across in the news, or on the blogs, Demographia released their 5th Annual International Housing Affordability Survey this week. They compare 265 cities from Canada, USA, U.K., and Oceania, and rank them according to their measure of affordability. Their calculation for that is actually quite simple and straight forward, takeContinue Reading

I was thinking about doing a report on the new construction situation, but figured I might as well wait a week until the December numbers are reported. So instead I’ll just cover a few other items that are floating around. – The Teranet-National Bank House Price Index which I looked at last week hasContinue Reading