So, another week goes by, another apparent bull market rally turns out to be little more then a trap… but at least the Eskimos won last night! Anywho, so I guess the big news this week for Edmonton real estate was that the decline in the new housing price index… downContinue Reading

April is fast drawing to a close. We probably won’t get the final numbers until Monday, but indications are that it was a fairly typical April. Prices look to be up a point or two over March, and sales figures are looking like they’ll be in the normal range for the month,Continue Reading

Don’t really feel like running numbers today, and there were a lot of housing relevant stories coming out this week, so we’ll look at those. Mike Fotiou wrote up an interesting piece on the CREA forecast for 2009, and their past fortunetelling exploits. Their predictions for Alberta are not going to make sellers anyContinue Reading

I was thinking about doing a report on the new construction situation, but figured I might as well wait a week until the December numbers are reported. So instead I’ll just cover a few other items that are floating around. – The Teranet-National Bank House Price Index which I looked at last week hasContinue Reading