The September numbers were released today, and after a cooling in August sales held in September. Up slightly from month-over-month and down slightly year-over-year. So, interest rates are continuing to spur spending, which is fine as long as the status quo remains. On the price front, averages were up aContinue Reading

The August numbers were released this morning, and the market looks like it’s cooling after a blistering late spring/early summer on the sales front. Inventory was down slightly, but because of the large drop in sales the absorption rate has climbed back up into ‘buyers market’ territory. Average prices wereContinue Reading

Another big month in July sales wise, setting a record even. Amazing what record low interest rates can do even in a recession. Prices were more mixed, as we’ve seemed to have turned the corner into the summer and the traditional cooling of the market. Obviously sales were strong forContinue Reading

And she was a big’uns sales wise… highest June tally on record, and third highest monthly at least as far back as I have stats for. So there is no arguing buyers were out in full force. While increasing month-over-month sales are the norm during the spring, it should beContinue Reading

Sorry I didn’t get to report this earlier in the day, unfortunately I had to do some actually work. Bummer, I know, but believe it or not, communicating my worthless ideas to literally threes of people, free-of-charge, doesn’t pay the bills. Anyway, the local numbers for May were released today,Continue Reading

It’s that time of the month again… okay, well, not that time of the month… or perhaps it is that too… you know what, never mind. The EREB released their final April resale stats today. There, we’ll go with that. I guess the big story this time around would be sales, AprilContinue Reading

The EREB came out with their March numbers this morning, and all things considered, they were remarkably unremarkable. Sales and inventory are pretty much right on the money considering seasonality, and prices more or less stayed about the same. Though compared to last years sales and prices are down aboutContinue Reading

The EREB announced their monthly tallies for February today, after a little bounce last month prices again took a tumble. The big stories would probably be the divergence of condo and townhome prices. Condos had actually defied gravity for a couple months, took a huge fall of 4.9% from January. They are alsoContinue Reading

The EREB hasn’t put the January numbers up on their site yet, but the Journal had an article quoting most of the pertinent numbers for January, so I’ll work with those, and when the EREB put up the full set I’ll include those then. EDIT: They updated their site the next morning,Continue Reading