Hope everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekends, and filled up with turkey and complex carbohydrates. In the comments section of last weeks post on consumer debt someone referenced these stats on bankruptcies/insolvencies in Canada. I managed to find their historical bankruptcy numbers, but not the proposal and total insolvency stats (insolvencies = bankruptcies +Continue Reading

I got my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, and I got my Black Jack gum here, and I got that feeling… mmm that familiar feeling that something rank is going down up there. Yeah, I can smell it. I can almost taste it. Summer is gone and it’s fucking snowing again!Continue Reading

After this weeks announcement about the revised budget from the province, I thought it would be interesting take a look at historical revenues, particularly those coming from oil and gas. So, today’s entry is more of a general interest post and not concerning the housing market (at least not directlyContinue Reading

It seems a lot of realtor blogs out there like to label anyone that doesn’t encourage everyone to run out and buy a house as purveyors of “Doom and Gloom.” Seemingly we are advising everyone to just give up, stock up on ammo, and start working on recipes for rockContinue Reading